Breeding History

The history of the COUDELARIA DA COMPANHIA DAS LEZÍRIAS begins in the 19 th century. Notwithstanding the fact that the first genealogical records in existence data back to 1896 and that reference had been made to the presence of 331 horses, on the date in question, its origin certainly dates back to 1836, witch is the date of formation of what was known, at the time, as the Companhia das Lezírias do Tejo e Sado, as the management reports, up to 1841, the start up date of C.L.'s animal breeding operations, stat that the only animals existing, at the time in question were horses, worth an amount of 75$600 réis. According to a management report, of 1899, a summary of the accounts from the year 1886, shows that horses generated net profits of 7,851$054 over a 14 years period.

In 1905, evidencing a certain care in terms of its selection procedures, the Companhia das Lezírias do Tejo e Sado, took part in a famous exhibition hosted by the "Central Association of Portuguese Agriculture", in the Tapada da Ajuda, in which several Hackney, Luso-Arab, Betico-Lusitano, and Peninsular breeds, won several prizes.

It was only, however, starting in 1929 that the first definite signs of zoo technical orientation appeared, with the implementation of more demanding selection criteria, owing to the registration of 27 mares, at the time in question, with the Army's Remount Commission. A later appearance was made by animals such as INCARO and INTRUSO , who, ridden by Luís Xavier de Brito , achieved fame on the national sporting scene, winning 11 Grand Prix.

Starting 1976, the stud started to concentrate on breeding Lusitanos, having purchased Ervideira, Duarte de Oliveira and Sociedade Agrícola Couto de Fornilhos brand mares that, together with already existing stud animals from Fonte Boa were sired by National Stud stallions: MARQUÊS , MAQUEIRO , MAQUIM , PROJÉCTIL , JAPAZ , MILHO REI , LIMONERO , TENOR , CIPIÃO , BASTÃO and ONJITO .

Around 1983, exploiting the potential of our excellent genetic base, we took the decision to introduce other bloodlines, in an endeavor to improve shape and functionality. Since then, CL, has used the services of stallions such as PIONEIRO- José Maltez ( Imperador x Hortense), MARAVILHA -Manuel Veiga ( Boca-Negra x Toleirona), FANDANGO- Assunção Coimbra ( Zelador x Boneca), LAFÕES -CL (Junco Chinês x Ema), IMPOSSÍVEL- João Núncio ( Coral x Hortelã), LIDADOR- Arsénio Cordeiro ( Novilheiro x Barqueira), QUARTILHO- Ferraz da Costa ( Opus-72 x Jaquema), PANDEGO- Manuel Abecassis ( Yoke x Estampa), INVULGAR- Assunção Coimbra ( Distinto x Traquina) and SOLAR DOS PINHAIS -Luis Ermiro de Moraes (Ninfo x Cenoura) to sire our breeding stock.

The principles upon which our selection policies are based are functionality in conjunction with morphology and movements, which have resulted in the prodution of animals of the finest quality, confirmed, inter alios , by LAFÕES and NUFAR Champions of Champions at the Golegã National Horse Fair in 1996 and 1997, PERFEITA Golden Mare in 2005, at Expoégua - Golegã, LOFE, Dressage Champion of Italy, in 2002, with Eva Rosenthal in the Saint George and Intermediate I categories or IMPORTANTE, in bullfighting, with Rui Salvador.

The Coudelaria da Companhia das Lezírias, currently exclusively specialises in breeding Lusitano purebreds. Its male products are reared and broken in at the age of 3 and then sold domestically and overseas.

Our herd of 30 broodmares grazes near Samora Correia - Benavente, in Charneca de Braço de Prata and Vale do Roubão.