The production of rice in Companhia das Lezírias dates back to early 19th century.
In the mid-20th century, 1 million kilos had already been produced. We can now say that the development of production systems has increased the area to 1,110 hectares, with a production of about 7 million kilos of the highest quality standards. Although the farmstead is the largest single producer of rice, we don’t feel we are large enough to implement an industrial process of rice transformation and marketing. We have therefore joined a group of producers -Orivárzea -, in order to bring more value to the rice produced in this area.

Rice production at the Companhia is a wholly genuine and national activity. It is located in Ribatejo to benefit from the unique conditions for this crop.

Situated in the heart of the estuary where the Tejo and Sorraia rivers meet, the production area is found in the fertile marshy lands, which benefit from mild Mediterranean climate with Atlantic influences. As the production area is included in the Special Protection Zone of the Natural Reserve of the Tejo Estuary, the production system (from the soils to the products used) is especially concerned with the preservation of the animals that live in that area.

This favourable combination of different factors that affect the soil and climate conditions, the rigorous selection of seeds, careful production processes and the advanced technology involved could only result in an absolutely natural product of the highest quality that could perfectly be included in Portuguese cuisine.

In traditional Portuguese cuisine, rice must be able to absorb the flavours and spices that best suit it. The rice produced in Companhia das Lezírias, sold under the brand “Belmonte” and “Bom Sucesso”, guarantees these qualities. It is also recommended for ingredients such as cod, octopus, tomato, beans, seafood and sprouts.