With over 6,000 hectares, Companhia das Lezírias has one of the largest cork oak plantations in one single location.

AAlongside the environmental importance of cork oak, its economic value is also extremely relevant to Companhia das Lezírias because of the profit that it creates, mainly through the production of cork.

This justifies the effort in improving its management, guaranteeing:

  • The sustainability of the plantation, with special focus on increasing its area and densification by naturally regenerating it and providing permanent pastures.
  • The planning of plantations through the implementation of an elaborate scheme presented in May 2006 by the Department of Forest Engineering of Instituto Superior de Agronomia that will guarantee more homogenous plantations.
  • The use of innovative techniques to increase the success of new plantations and to protect the trees.

The continuous improvement of forest management is complemented with several other improvements and investments in methods and techniques of cork storage.

The stripping of cork is usually done in June and July, and at the beginning of August. After it is removed, the cork is weighed and stored in a closed facility. During the stripping of cork, samples are taken for analysis in a laboratory to determine the degree of humidity and to classify the product.

We must highlight the support provided by the Association of Forest Producers of Coruche, of which our company is a partner since its foundation.

The cork is usually sold in late September by direct negotiation.