CL has a long tradition of pioneering and innovation in the agroforestry sector.


It is, of course, that it has been supporting several research projects related to its areas of activity, either actively participating in or financing, or just providing space and resources.

Under the Business & Biodiversity initiative, Companhia das Lezirias has established a commitment to the Institute of Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (INCB) for the development of various lines of applied research.

Mammalian diversity and abundance as a response to multi-use and management practices

Study of the mammalian species that occur, their abundance and dispersal in the Charneca da CL, as well as the factors that condition them, namely regarding management practices. Supports and monitors the establishment of ecological corridors between areas of higher abundance and no connection.

A high diversity of mammals has been observed, being associated with the presence of water lines and heterogeneous landscapes. The lower diversity and abundance indices are related to higher grazing intensities and simplified habitats. The installation of a living hedge is underway with a view to establishing an ecological corridor.

  • FCUL, Environmental Biology Centre
  • Coord. Cient. Profª. Margarida Santos Reis
  • Dr.ª Paula Gonçalves
  • Dr.ª Sandra Alcobia
  • Financing: INAlentejo (QREN)
  • Duration: 2007-2012
  • Total Investment: 292.852 €
  • Public Financing: 175.711,2 €
  • Private Financing (CL): 117.140,8 €
Rehabilitation of torrential regime water lines: contribution to the biodiversity of the coark oaks

Protection and restoration of vegetation in a torrential regime water line of about 7 km. Bird monitoring along protected waterline and witnesses. Interventions were carried out along 5.30 km of water line with regularization of the bed, laying of fence to protect the cattle and planting of willows, ash and dog rose.

  • University of Évora, LabOr – Ornithology Laboratory
  • Coord. Cient. Profª. Margarida Santos Reis
  • Coord. Cient. Prof. João Rabaça
  • Dr. Carlos Godinho
  • Dr. Pedro Pereira
TytoTagus Project: Barn Owl Postnatal Dispersion in the Tagus Valley

Study of the dispersal biology of owls that concentrate in large numbers during the summer in South Lezíria. 16 nest boxes were installed that presented average productivity of 2.2 flying juveniles/nest. These birds were ringed and some marked with transmitting radios, which allowed the general characterization of postnatal dispersal movements in terms of phenology, estuary approach patterns and relationship with the habitat.

  • University of Évora, LabOr – Ornithology Laboratory
  • Coord. Cient. Prof. João Rabaça
  • Dr.ª Inês Roque
  • Dr.ª Ana Marques
Impacts of silvopasture management and cavity augmentation on bird diversity and forest pest control

Establishment of relationships between the availability of cavities for nesting of insectivorous birds of the wild pine forest and the cork oaks and the occurrence of forest pests of these stands.

  • University of Évora, LabOr – Ornithology Laboratory
  • Coord. Cient. Prof. João Rabaça
  • Dr. Carlos Godinho
  • Dr. Pedro Pereira
  • Dr.ª Inês Roque
  • Dr.ª Ana Marques

For the three projects with the University of Évora:

  • Duration: 2007-2012
  • Total Investment: 249.520
  • Public Financing: 0
  • Private Financing (CL): 249.520 €
Reinforcement of rabbit populations as a predator conservation measure

Scientific support and monitoring of CL’s rabbit population recovery program. Captive breeding, capture and restocking in areas with very weak populations.

  • University of Porto – CIBIO
  • Coord. Cient. Prof. Paulo Célio Alves
  • Dr. Pedro Monterroso
  • Financing: 12.000 €
  • Duration: anually
  • Private Financing (CL): 12.000 €
Vascular Plant Diversity at Companhia das Lezírias - Assessment of Vascular Plant Diversity and Identification / Cartography of Priority Species and Habitats in the Companhia das Lezírias Area

First survey of botanical species and priority habitats in CL beyond existing information contained in the Natura 2000 Network Management Plan.

  • Portuguese Society of Ecology 
  • Coord. Cient. Prof.ª Otília Correia
  • Dr.ª Teresa Mexia
  • Financing: 6.200 €
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Private Financing (CL): 6.200 €
Companhia das Lezírias coark oak integrates the macro-site (Long Term Site platform for Ecological Research) of the cork oak region

Summary: The CL and its 6,300 ha of cork oak are now a long term study space (over 30 years) for ecology issues linked to the cork oak.

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